City of Wells, Nevada

Cemetery Management

Wells City Cemetery

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As a general rule, interments will not be performed on Sundays, holidays or days immediately following City holidays. In the event this becomes a hardship on the family of the deceased, arrangements for these days must be approved by the City Manager and Cemetery Caretaker and if feasible for the City to perform the interment on the requested day, the interment fee shall be twice that of the normal Saturday Interment Fee.

  • The City of Wells may acquire and maintain property for public use as a cemetery.

  • The City of Wells shall have the power to convey cemetery lots by a conveyance document.

  • Cemetery lots shall be used only for the burial of the human dead. Burial permit is required by law.

  • All plots must be fully paid for in advance of burial.

  • All coffins interred in the Wells City Cemetery shall be required to be placed in a concrete liner or other liner of equivalent performance.

  • It is unlawful to enclose any cemetery lot with a fence, wall or coping of any kind.

  • Grass shall be planted or grown on cemetery lots. Written approval shall be obtained prior to the planting of any other trees, shrubs, flowers and vegetation.

  • Monuments may not exceed thirty inches (30") in height.

  • Plots only available in North Addition.

  • For additional information, see Title 6, Chapter 9, Wells City Code.