City of Wells, Nevada


Located in Elko County, Wells lays at the Junction of I-80 & U.S. 93 in Northeastern Nevada. Approximately 50 miles east of Elko, Nevada, Wells is considered a micropolitan area of Elko. With a population of 1,292 people, Wells is strategically located to such metropolitan areas as Elko, Nevada, Twin Falls, and Boise, Idaho, as well as Salt Lake City, Utah.

Wells was founded in 1869; by the Central Pacific Railroad; as a water station due to the towns’ strategic location at the headwaters of the Humboldt River. “Wells” and their use by travelers and area residents dates back thousands of years to the Western Shoshone who still live in a colony overlooking the town. Shoshone, Hudson Bay trappers, mountain men, and westbound wagon trains all replenished at the Humboldt Wells.

Today, Wells' prosperity is solidly based in the crossroads created by I-80 and U.S. 93. I-80 is a main east-west transcontinental artery with the north-south highway U.S. 93 extending from Alaska to Panama. As the regional hub for ranchers, Wells lays in the heart of the Ruby Mountains, and Humboldt Range. And the area boasts world class recreational opportunities, including hunting, and fishing.