City of Wells, Nevada


City of Wells Utility Services

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The City of Wells provides water and sewer service. Connections and billing for sanitation services are made through the City, but physical pickup is provided by Elko Sanitation Company. Billing is done at the beginning of the month following service and payment is due by the fifteenth of the month.

Minimum residential monthly bill for Water, Sewer and Sanitation is $81.45.

Sanitary Sewer:

  • Please do not flush ashes, earth, flammable, explosive or poisinous liquids, rubbish, animal or vegetable greases, oils, and other matters which after entrance might interfere with the satisfactory operation or the sewer system or treatment facility.

  • See Title 6, Chapter 2, Wells City Code


  • Tampering with City Property Prohibited.
  • No one except an employee of the City of Wells shall, at any time, in any manner, operate the main or curb cocks, gates or valves of the City's water system or interfere with meters or their connections.
  • Call City Hall to arrange for all connects and disconnects.
  • Waste of Water Prohibited
  • No customer shall knowingly permit leaks or waste of water.

  • See Title 6, Chapter 1, Wells City Code

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